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Jennifer Ruiz Viñolo

Hi, i am Jennifer from Spain, born in Barcelona, ​​a popular city for its tourism and diversity, until a few months ago I had always lived in this wonderful place.
Jennifer Ruiz Viñolo - GoSpanishTeacher

In my previous professional career, i completed a business diploma and a degree in Business Administration, then i decided to obtain an MBA too. I have worked for 15 years in an insurance multinational company, where i have had the opportunity to manage teams and especially to train many people, follow up and accompany them in their professional careers.

One day, i decided that i want a change in my professional career and in my life, i love traveling and knowing cultures, sharing experiences with people, teaching and learning from the world. So, i decided to work in teaching that is what really fascinated me in my previous work, and of course, in teaching my native language, which in the end, is teaching my culture, my roots and my experiences that is what i am most proud of.

For this reason i decided to move to Australia, where i am currently living, and to leave my previous job to teach my language to others and enhance new studies in this regard.

With an Spanish Teacher Certificate specialized in Online lessons and two ELE Certificates (Spanish as a foreign language) from the International School of Cervantes, i speak three languages, Spanish, Catalan and English. 

​My classes are fully customized and the sessions are taken full advantage of being one to one and fully adapted to the pace of learning and student needs.

I enjoy working with the students, making us get involved by both parties and creating a bond of commitment and motivation. I can teach conversation classes for more advanced students who want to gain fluency or complete classes where all the skills are worked for a complete progress in language learning.


Welcome to Go Spanish Teacher and I hope you enjoy as much as I do in these sessions where your goals are mine!

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